Wednesdays have been a bittersweet day for me as long as I can remember. For a lot of kids, Wednesday marked “hump day” or the middle of the week, which signified that we just had to get through the last part of the week before the weekend. For me, Wednesdays were always shrouded by feelingsContinue reading “Wednesdays”

Why Yoga Warrior?

Putting myself out there and being open about my cancer journey is different for me. I went through my treatment having two separate sides of my life; my “average” life, and my cancer life. The Cancer Yogi is my pursuit in blending the two sides of myself. I think that when we go through somethingContinue reading “Why Yoga Warrior?”

Yoga and Cancer

It is a popular thought that yoga helps your mind relax. However, yoga also has some solid benefits for patients recovering from cancer treatment or therapy. I started my yoga journey not specifically knowing about the benefits for cancer patients; when I was younger I always heard of yoga as a gentle, healing practice. IContinue reading “Yoga and Cancer”

Scars on the Body Don’t Need to Be Scars on the Soul

Everyone has scars. Sometimes these scars are visible on the body – scars from surgery, sickness, abuse, self-harm, etc. Other scars are purely internal; ones that are not seen by the naked eye, but felt intensely by the one who carries them – scars from relationships, military service, abandonment, etc. There is a lot ofContinue reading “Scars on the Body Don’t Need to Be Scars on the Soul”