“Due to your medical history…”

Since cancer and treatment take a toll on your body, I have heard the title said to me countless times. Something that you view as unrelated, like a sore throat, may be elevated a tad more “due to your medical history”. This may mean a CT scan or MRI, further testing, or extra precautions justContinue reading ““Due to your medical history…””

Scars on the Body Don’t Need to Be Scars on the Soul

Everyone has scars. Sometimes these scars are visible on the body – scars from surgery, sickness, abuse, self-harm, etc. Other scars are purely internal; ones that are not seen by the naked eye, but felt intensely by the one who carries them – scars from relationships, military service, abandonment, etc. There is a lot ofContinue reading “Scars on the Body Don’t Need to Be Scars on the Soul”