“Due to your medical history…”

Since cancer and treatment take a toll on your body, I have heard the title said to me countless times. Something that you view as unrelated, like a sore throat, may be elevated a tad more “due to your medical history”. This may mean a CT scan or MRI, further testing, or extra precautions just in case. Even when googling symptoms, websites mention that if you have a history of cancer, your case may be a little different.

The diagnosis of cancer follows you in all medical situations, even if you are a survivor. When I visit a new doctor, I know that a great deal of time will be spent at the beginning discussing my history, something that others may breeze by quickly. Information such as surgery dates, medications, and treatments received need to be known by the medical team in order to provide an informed analysis of your symptoms at the time.

It’s important to not be annoyed by the precautionary nature of medical professionals; they are doing their job to protect you and I definitely appreciate the extra steps taken to make sure that nothing is missed. However, the statement has sort of become an inside joke in my family because of how many times we have heard those words strung together. In the back of my mind I think, “here it comes…” when I am in an appointment in which I can sense that statement coming.

The fact that a cold, for example, could lead to more than just a simple doctor’s appointment can be overwhelming, but remember that you are still here despite your history and because of further testing and scans. Any extra steps taken are to ensure that there are no hidden causes or illnesses, and to let you thrive. View your cancer diagnosis as a badge of your body’s strength.

Published by thecanceryogi

Ever since my cancer diagnosis, I have been trying to turn negatives into positives. Now on the other side of treatment and being labeled as a survivor, I am exploring yoga and healthy living ideals to heal my body and mind. I was struck by how much yoga has improved my life and want to bring that idea to others. Thank you for visiting my page!

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