Scars on the Body Don’t Need to Be Scars on the Soul

Everyone has scars. Sometimes these scars are visible on the body – scars from surgery, sickness, abuse, self-harm, etc. Other scars are purely internal; ones that are not seen by the naked eye, but felt intensely by the one who carries them – scars from relationships, military service, abandonment, etc. There is a lot of overlap between these visible and “invisible” scars. Something that can scar the body on the outside often brings with it scars on the soul.

Sometimes we equate our scars with self-worth. The more scars we have, the more damaged or weak we feel. They can come with feelings of guilt, regret, and sadness.

As survivors, we need to look at our scars as symbols of strength. A scar is a symbol that we have survived what has tried to hurt us. While it reminds us of the past and pain that we would rather forget, it also reminds us of the healing that took place. What once was a wound is now a tattoo of power that we can wear as warriors; something tried to tear us down but we did not submit.

We are here, we are alive, and we are survivors.

Published by thecanceryogi

Ever since my cancer diagnosis, I have been trying to turn negatives into positives. Now on the other side of treatment and being labeled as a survivor, I am exploring yoga and healthy living ideals to heal my body and mind. I was struck by how much yoga has improved my life and want to bring that idea to others. Thank you for visiting my page!

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